Drove 60% improvement in ROI of display marketing campaigns for Top media agency through frequency capping optimization

Marketing, Digital Businesses

We drove significant cost reductions for one of America’s largest media agencies through the use of analytics in display advertising. The initiative involved using clickstream data collected on millions of web users who were exposed to the client’s display ads. We undertook a massive data-crunching exercise to analyze the relationship between the frequency of seeing an ad vs. clicking on the ad. Using this analysis, an optimal frequency capping strategy was developed at a publisher level, which led to a 60% improvement in the ROI of display campaigns.


  • Client was using banner advertising across various platforms
  • Performed deep dive into the relationship between # of banner ads seen and conversions
  • Identified unique users using IP addresses; Analyzed behavior across 6 months
  • Analysis performed for each major publisher to understand differences by publishers




  • Identified that the majority of the conversions were being achieved with very limited ads
  • Identified that the optimal # of ads that should be shown to each user varied by website
  • Developed a frequency capping strategy that improved ROI of digital campaigns by 60%