We partner with our clients and act as extensions of their team.

Our usual engagement model consists of an extended, long-term partnership with our clients, wherein the Indus Insights team becomes the analytical extension of our clients’ teams. We collectively agree on the key opportunities that the Indus team needs to drive, and re-assess these periodically with our clients, along with the results of each of the workstreams. Delivery on the workstreams is accomplished primarily from our global delivery center in Gurgaon (Delhi) in India, with the Indus team being on-site as & when required – typically more during the initial and final stages of each workstream. Each workstream has a clearly laid out project plan, which usually involves weekly or bi-weekly touch points. We also offer sufficient scalability advantages to our clients, so that they can tap into incremental analytical bandwidth as & when required.

While the above describes our usual relationship with an existing client, we get started with new clients slightly differently. For a new client, we recommend doing a pilot project before entering into a long-term engagement. For this, we work with the client in identifying one suitable opportunity for us to focus on. Our experience has been that the best opportunities are those that are:

  • Sizable – so that there is clear business reason for pursuing it,
  • Medium in scope – so that we can create impactful results within ~3 months
  • Relatively free of dependencies – so that our recommendations can be implemented quickly

Contact us to find out how we can add value to your organization and discuss a pilot project.