The Indus Advantage

In an era where nearly every professional services firm claims to offer Data Science and Analytics services, it can be difficult to differentiate and choose.

Here is what makes us special:

World-Class Talent

To get the most out of AI and Machine Learning, you need to have a team of smart Humans. Knowing this, we have built a formidable team of Data Scientists. We hire exceptionally bright individuals from the most prestigious schools, and then train them extensively in Big Data analysis, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Econometrics, and similar techniques. In addition to hard skills, we also cultivate in our team a culture of critical reasoning, curiosity, constant learning, and experimentation. No wonder when we ask our Clients what makes Indus unique, the first answer always is “your people”!

Financial Services Expertise

We have deep expertise in the Financial Services sector and have an extensive track record of delivering phenomenal results in the space. This expertise means that our Clients don’t have to educate our team on the basics of their business, we know what works and what doesn’t, and the end product that comes out of our team has already been reviewed by industry experts. This provides tremendous leverage to our clients and helps them save up on their most important resource – managerial time.

Real Results

We generate real and measurable results. Our work takes the shape of precise and actionable action items and “So What”. Our strategies, models, and algorithms get integrated into how our Clients run their business and start adding value immediately. We take pride in measuring the impact of our work and often design appropriate tests to quantify this benefit. We have a track record of delivering 10x or better ROI and our models and strategies routinely outperform industry and Client benchmarks by 30% or more.

To know more about the real results delivered to clients, please visit our case studies section