Bringing business strategy, technology, and mathematics together to create real results for our clients – that is the work we do.

Indus Insights was founded in 2009 by business leaders who had experienced firsthand the significant value that analytics could have on businesses, as well as the obstacles that prevented most companies from adopting data-driven strategies. Our founders had consistently driven significant improvements in businesses through the use of data-driven analytics, and yet they saw that most organizations struggled in using data to their advantage. The obstacles were similar across organizations – absence of a strategic view towards data, difficulty in hiring & training talent, and having to wait a significant amount of time before results could be observed. Indus Insights was born out of the need to address these gaps, allowing organizations to adopt a data-oriented strategy quickly and start seeing real results in real time.

Since then, the upside of having a data-oriented strategy has increased manifold. The Big Data explosion has offered numerous opportunities for organizations to better understand their customers, connect with them in a personalized way, improve process efficiencies, and manage risks. At the same time, obstacles still remain for firms that want to follow this path. As data volume has exploded, it has become increasingly complex to filter the signal from the noise. Relevant talent – people who are now called data scientists – is even more difficult to find. New technologies of data storage & management, as well as new channels to connect with customers, keep coming up. Finally, the pressure of seeing results quickly and limitations on managerial bandwidth continue to stay. In this context, Indus Insights has allowed multiple clients to successfully bridge these gaps and turn Big Data into a key competitive advantage.

Indus Insights has now become a premier consulting company creating outstanding value for clients through the use of advanced analytics and Big Data approaches. We partner closely with our clients, acting as analytical extensions of their teams. We have delivered compelling results for firms across the globe, in areas such as consumer finance, retail, e-commerce, and others. We have achieved this by building a world-class team of individuals who have a unique blend of expertise in understanding businesses, handling Big Data, and applying advanced statistics to answer real-world problems.

We believe that the revolution of making data a strategic advantage has just started. If you are interested in joining the movement, contact us.