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Indus Insights CEO Saurabh Sharma speaks about the Fintech Industry at the 11th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference

Posted by admin, updated on 16 Oct, 2018

The CEO of Indus Insights, Saurabh Sharma, was recently invited to share his views and insights about the Fintech industry at the World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference in New Delhi, India. The conference is a bi-annual conference organized in different countries across the globe. The 11th edition of the conference was held in New Delhi between the 23rd and 25th September 2018 and was attended by nearly 250 delegates from over 60 countries. Saurabh was invited as a panelist to discuss the future of financial services, fintech, and credit reporting in a digital world. The panel was chaired by Vineet Saxena, who is the Global Head of Retail Credit Control Services for HSBC. Also included in the panel was David Neenan, who is the President of TransUnion International.

Saurabh’s conversation was specifically focused on the Fintech industry, wherein he shared his views on the rapidly growing sector. He explained the various types of businesses that fall under the “Fintech” umbrella, emphasized that the sector is no longer a fringe area, and shared some key statistics to drive the point. Saurabh also updated the audience with recent trends in the sector and discussed key innovation areas. The panel involved an insightful conversation between the panelists and thought-provoking Q&A with the audience members.


About Indus Insights

Indus Insights is a Data Science, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics services organization. Indus Insights develops sophisticated predictive models, designs machine learning algorithms, and creates data-driven business strategies, while acting as its Client’s extended Data Sciences team. The company’s focus is the financial services sector, where it assists clients in customer acquisition, credit risk & fraud management, customer management, and operations. The firm’s clientele is spread across the US, Australia, UK, and other countries, and includes some of the world’s largest banks, fintech companies, credit unions, specialty lenders, and insurance firms. Indus has offices in Wilmington, DE (US) and in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR (India).

The Press Release can be found here.

Indus Insights Appoints Sanjiv Kapur to Lead Partnerships and Alliances

Posted by admin, updated on 20 Apr, 2017

Indus Insights appoints industry veteran as Global Head of Partnerships and Alliances

Indus Insights today announced that it has appointed Sanjiv Kapur as the Global Head of Partnerships & Alliances. In his role, Sanjiv will focus on forging & nurturing mutually beneficial relationships between the company and other B2B organizations servicing clients in the financial services vertical.

Sanjiv has decades of experience in the outsourced services sector, working with global clients in retail banking, insurance, investment banking & wealth management verticals. Until recently he was a Senior Vice President with Xerox Business Services and served on the board of Xerox Services (India). Prior to that, Sanjiv played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of Patni BPO, helping build the firm from scratch and scaling it up to a become a global business with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues. Patni BPO was later acquired by iGATE and the combined entity was ultimately acquired by Capgemini.

“We are seeing a rapid increase in the uses of machine learning, advanced analytics, and predictive modeling techniques. The BFSI sector continues to be a large consumer of these services – whether it be in digital customer experience, credit risk underwriting, cross-sell & up-sell, or other functional areas”, said Saurabh Sharma, CEO of Indus Insights. “We believe that there is a strong opportunity for specialized firms such as ours to work together with ITOs, BPOs, software product companies, and similar firms, with the goal of providing a comprehensive suite of products & services to end clients. I am excited to have Sanjiv lead the charge on this initiative at Indus Insights. Sanjiv is an industry veteran, with a tremendous track record of building & scaling service-oriented companies and developing long-term customer relationships. I look forward to working with him to add value to our partners, to our end clients, and to Indus Insights.”

Sanjiv added, “Indus Insights has been delivering amazing value to financial services clients. The company has a commendable & expanding roster of clients in the US, Australia, India & other geographies, and its capabilities in banking, lending, and payments are truly world-class. I am excited to join Indus Insights and be a part of the growth journey of the company.”

The Press Release can be found here:

P2P Lending and Big Data : Banking on the Non-Banks

Posted by admin, updated on 14 Apr, 2015

Indus Insights CEO Saurabh Sharma’s article on P2P lending is now available on CrowdFundBeat, an online publication that examines the world of finance and alternative investment. Sharma’s article, P2P Lending and Big Data : Banking on the Non-Banks, examines how data analytics is driving the explosive growth seen in the P2P lending space and how data is being used in new and innovative ways to identify worthy borrowers and minimize risk.

Q&A with Indus Insights CEO Saurabh Sharma on IBM developerWorks

Posted by admin, updated on 09 Apr, 2015

Indus Insights CEO Saurabh Sharma sat down with Brinda Kirshnan, contributor to IBM developerWorks blog, to discuss plans and prospects for the company in 2015 and the nature of Indus’ relationship with IBM. You can read the entire Q&A here.

New on Analyzing Analytics – Big data – The anti ‘Second Screen’

Posted by admin, updated on 30 Mar, 2015

Indus Insight’s CEO Saruabh Sharma’s latest blog post is now live at – Analyzing Analytics. This month’s post, Big Data – The Anti-Second Screen, looks the hype surrounding Big Data and outlines how the data analytics community can avoid becoming the next Second Screen, a relatively short-lived fad that failed to produce demonstrable business-enhancing results.

New on Analyzing Analytics – To Make or Buy Your Data Analytics Capability

Posted by admin, updated on 11 Mar, 2015

Indus CEO Saurabh Sharma has today published a new post on Analyzing Analytics, a blog looking at all things related to data analytics within CIO Magazine. The post, To Make or Buy: Considerations When Kicking Off a Data Analytics Program, offers advice to companies who are at the outset of building a data analytics program and trying to decide whether to develop an internal team or outsource to an external resource.

Indus Insights to participate in IQPC’S London Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services

Posted by admin, updated on 12 Feb, 2015

India – February 12, 2015 – Indus Insights, a leading Big Data consulting firm, today announced that Founder and CEO Saurabh Sharma will once again represent the company by participating in the invite-only Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, hosted by IQPC Exchange. The event, held in London, brings together pre-qualified solution providers and financial services organizations in a private, face-to-face setting to explore mutually beneficial business and partnership opportunities.

This is Indus’s second time participating in an IQPC event. The company was invited initially based on its successful track record of providing data analytics solutions that demonstrably help financial services companies better utilize data to improve overall business performance.

The Exchange, which consists of conference and networking sessions, will be held at the Hilton Syon Park in London on February 23-24.

Indus CEO Saurabh Sharma’s Blog Debuts on CIO

Posted by admin, updated on 19 Jan, 2015

Analyzing Analytics, a new blog penned by Indus Insights CEO and founder Saurabh Sharma within CIO Magazine, has now launched. The blog explores insights and identifies trends in the world of Big Data analytics. The first post, Data and Science Don’t Necessarily Make a Good Data Scientist, looks at the fierce demand for data scientists and offers companies advice as to how to sift through candidates to find great ones.

Indus Insights Concludes Banner Recruiting Season

Posted by admin, updated on 22 Dec, 2014

Unprecedented Participation From India’s Top Talent

Indus Insights, a leading Big Data consulting firm helping organizations use analytics to improve business performance, announced today that the company has completed a highly successful recruiting season that featured unprecedented interest from students attending India’s leading technical institutions.

In all, more than 3,500 students enrolled to take Indus’ rigorous entry exam, gauging candidates’ analytical, quantitative, and business understanding skills. From this pool, Indus has extended offers to thirty-four students who will now have the opportunity to enter the company’s Data Scientist training program led by members of the management team as well as faculty members from globally recognized institutions.

“The superior qualities and capabilities of Indus Data Scientists is what sets us apart in a very competitive marketplace,” said Saurabh Sharma, founder and CEO of Indus. “Through an intensive recruitment and training process, we continue to grow our team with the best analytical minds in India who are committed to helping our global clients become more valuable.”

Indus’ recruiting campaign centered on the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) campuses at Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Roorkee and other leading educational institutes. Each prospect took Indus’ 90-minute proprietary test, designed and refined by Indus over the past three years and developed to measure the capabilities required of a superior data scientist. Candidates who cleared the test went through rigorous case and
behavioral interviews.

“The demand for data scientists is intense and, as a result, students with the requisite skills have many career options at their disposal,” said Rituraj Shukla, who heads up campus hiring at Indus. “With that in mind, the success of our recruitment program this year, marked by the overwhelming interest and excitement from the IIT students who took our test, is a reflection of the reputation Indus has established as being a leading analytics firm serving world-class companies around the world.”

The Press Release can be found here:

Indus Insights Previews Big Data Opportunities in 2015 in Feature Article Published in Data Informed

Posted by admin, updated on 17 Dec, 2014

December 17, 2014 – In a feature article published today in Data Informed, a leading online media outlet focused on Big Data and analytics in the enterprise, Indus Insights founder and CEO, Saurabh Sharma, identifies the business areas and industry sectors set to do great things using data in the coming year.

The article, titled 5 Business Areas Poised for Big Data Opportunities in 2015, is the lead story on today’s Data Informed home page.