Analytics to keep love life fresh and fun!

Posted by admin updated on 21 Sep, 2011

Analytics takes a foray into the relationships management domain with a newly launched niche social network – The Ice Break. This online service helps users track, analyze, and enjoy their romantic relationships. Co-founded and seed-funded by YouTube’s first UI Designer, Christina Brodbeck; and former head of YouTube Mobile Dwipal Desai, TheIceBreak is designed to stay with users through all stages of their relationships, whether they are single or not. Brodbeck says that “TheIceBreak will fill a gap that is taking place in the online dating space, which is fraught with high membership churn and low return engagement”.

The site allows for status updates, asks users to rate how satisfied they are with their partner in a variety of areas and then serves up activities based on the answers given, such as answering “Icebreaker Questions” (“What is your ideal Friday night?”) and “Capturing Moments” to send to your partner. Activities like these garner you “Date Night Coins,” which can be used for deals in later iterations of the site. TheIcebreak features an analytics dashboard that shows the user’s happiness over time, and how it compares to the relative bliss of other couples. For those of you who feel that the idea of measuring one’s happiness against that of others goes against the advice of any therapist, note that they do have a fairly experienced clinical psychologist on the team.

A lot of behavioral science has gone into the development of algorithms to calculate couple compatibility and happiness quotient in relationships. This company’s business model will revolve around

  • Redeeming Date Night coins for movie nights, etc. The company is currently working on creating these partnerships
  • Providing gifting services on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. They can help your partner find you a gift and you can even put in your sizes
  • Rolling out subscription based relationship counseling solutions

Meanwhile, “Whether you’re newly together, engaged, married or somewhere in between”, visit TheIceBreak to “keep your love life fresh and fun.”