Created behavior-based customer segments & designed targeted strategies for a major global bank

Financial Services, Marketing

We drove the segmentation overhaul at a leading credit card issuer, identifying behavior & profitability based segments and developing targeted strategies for each segment. The approach involved identified customer segments with differentiated profitability profiles, understanding the key behavioral differences, and then developing strategies suited to each segment. We identified segments with profitability that was 40x that of the least profitable segment.


  • Client was a major Credit Card issuer with ~1 Million active customers
  • Client wanted to increase profitability of existing customers
  • Identified key drivers of profitability; Developed segments with differentiated profitability profiles
  • Understood changes in profitability profiles; Developed targeted strategies for each segment




  • Identified seven segments, with each displaying different profitability behaviors
  • Most profitable segment was 40x as profitable as the least one
  • Developed and mapped 12+ activities at the segment level to increase profitability of each segment