Improved card activation by 20-50% for a Top 5 global bank using behavioral analysis and targeted programs

Financial Services, Marketing

We drove an overhaul of card activation strategies for a major credit card issuer, with the goal of increasing first-time activations. This was achieved through a two step workstream – (a) identifying early predictors of long-term activity, and (b) designing, testing, and refining targeted strategies to improve performance on early predictors. The initiative led to a 20% increase in activation rates and as much as 50% increase in other positively-correlated KPIs.


  • Retained by major credit card issuer to drive early activation rates of credit cards
  • Adopted a two-step approach: (a) Identify predictors of long-term activity, and (b) Develop, Test, and Refine interventions to positively impact early behavior
  • Used decision tree based modeling to identify predictors; Developed statistically designed test to measure impact of interventions




  • Identified specific early behaviors strongly indicative of long-term usage
  • Launched activation intervention strategies based on promotions, channels, and messaging
  • Led to 20% increase in early activation rate and 50%+ increase in NetBanking registrations