Increased sales by 150% for an e-commerce retailer by identifying high-potential customers for the telesales channel

Marketing, Digital Businesses

We assisted a major e-commerce firm in expanding to the telesales channel. In order to make this economically viable, we developed a prospect response model that predicted the probability of phone conversion. This statistical model took into account the past behaviors of customers, including purchase patterns, inferred category interest, email open, click & other engagement behaviors, channel preference, and demographics such as age & geography. The expansion was a wild success, leading to a 150% increase in monthly sales.


  • e-commerce client had large user base with past purchase information.
  • Mega sale was being launched with special deals on a high-value product category.
  • Outbound phone sales had previously not been profitable due to low overall response.
  • We developed customer segments with differentiated response rates, based on engagement, spend levels, frequency of purchase, category preference, etc




  • Identified 10% of the user base that had attractive response¬† characteristics.
  • Launched outbound phone sales campaign on target population.
  • Campaign was a significant success: increased total sales by 150%.