Reduced SEM spend by 25% while increasing conversions for a global pharmaceutical firm through marketing optimization

Marketing, Digital Businesses

We used sophisticated testing and optimization techniques to overhaul the online marketing program of a global pharmaceutical leader. This initiative involved performing rigorous testing on keywords, bids, & ad positions and then building predictive algorithms & optimization models to refine the allocation of the SEM marketing budget across ad groups and keywords. We delivered a reduction of 25% in the SEM spend through these efforts, while simultaneously increasing conversions by 13%.


  • Context: Client using Search Engine Marketing to get customers to sign up.
  • SEM budget was being allocated across different search phrase.
  • Created regression models to predict conversions for different possible bids for each search phrase.
  • Performed optimization exercise to identify best possible allocation of SEM budget across search phrases




  • Identified most optimal amount of spend and spend allocation – reduced spend by 25%, while growing conversions by 13%