Industry Leaders use Customer Analytics to optimize Marketing Performance

Posted by admin updated on 05 Dec, 2009

New Aberdeen Report spotlights “Offer Optimization: Using Customer Analytics to Improve Marketing Performance”. In this study, they reveal that companies are increasingly harnessing the power of customer analytics to improve the effectiveness of their marketing investment. This enables them to make smarter decisions and obtain greater control over their marketing outcomes.

Every company weathering the current storm needs to understand their customer’s behavior and act upon that information to deliver the best mix of product offers for each customer. Furthermore, it is key to know the efficacy of campaigns to squeeze more profit out of the same marketing dollar. Companies need to continuously advance the frontier of data modeling and actionable insights in their quest to optimize returns in a challenging economic environment.

Jeff Zabin, research fellow at Aberdeen, researched 200 diverse enterprises engaged in data-driven marketing improvements. The study starts by highlighting the striking performance disparities between Best-in-Class, Industry Average and Laggard companies. In the second part, it benchmarks the various technologies, organizational resources and performance metrics adopted by the companies for success. The report concludes with a roadmap for marketers, identifying the analytic capabilities and business processes required to help spur performance improvements in data-driven marketing with a line of sight to making Offer Optimization a reality.

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