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Posted by admin updated on 20 Aug, 2010

Overtone®, Inc., introduced OpenMic® version 5.3, an advanced customer listening system. Customer listening is the process of gathering, categorizing, analyzing and acting upon online comments and conversations about your product, service or brand. Overtone’s OpenMic promises to deliver meaningful customer insights from unstructured customer-generated content enabling strategic decisions and intelligent action.

Neil Patil, CMO and SVP of Marketing at Overtone, Inc. said “With OpenMic version 5.3 we continue to advance our clients’ ability to accurately and quickly discern the voice of their customers across all direct feedback and indirect channels of communication, including social media. We’ve taken our best-in-class listening capabilities to an even higher level with the introduction of the industry’s first hybrid text analysis engine that can accurately understand the content and context of any customer conversation”.

OpenMic combines Overtone’s statistical-based natural language processing (NLP) engine with new linguistic capabilities – delivering more precise and accurate text classification and sentiment analysis across multiple sources of consumer-generated content. It has added 4 new features –

  • Multiple Word Analysis & Stemming
  • Net Sentiment Index and Polarity Charts
  • Dashboard Date Customizations
  • API and Reporting

The enhanced word-analysis and stemming feature will improve the accuracy and precision of sentiment scores and automated text categorization. (Stemming is the process of reducing derived words to their base.)

Its sentiment analysis won’t be thrown off by a word with multiple meanings – such as “Amazon”, which could refer to the online retailer or the South American river. The algorithm automatically understands the difference between “Amazon” and “amazing”. OpenMic can analyze a comment such as “I’m amazed at the new Kindle by Amazon”, and can identify this as a comment relating to the brand and e-readers, and flag its positive customer sentiment accordingly.

The product also offers to determine the overall sentiment of a communication channel, category, or attribute value. A new customizable dashboard has been developed to present the sentiment index calculation, and reporting widgets that display breakout metrics are available.

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Overtone, Inc. provides customer listening solutions to many of the world’s leading consumer brand companies including Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Continental Airlines. Overtone is funded by top-tier venture capital firms Dolphin Equity Partners and ABS Ventures.