Message from the CEO

Posted by admin updated on 23 Nov, 2010


Today is the first anniversary of Indus Insights.

It has been exactly a year since Indus Insights was incorporated, and about 9 months since we kicked off our sales efforts. Over the course of this short time, we have cleared the first milestone of proving our concept. Here is a quick snapshot:

  • Clients: We have received great traction from clients in both the US and in India, and have beaten our first year target for the number of clients serviced. We have multiple clients from each of our two focus areas: financial services and e-commerce. Despite our small size, every client relationship that we have is a paid relationship, which is another proof of how clients perceive our value add. Additionally, client feedback on our work has been tremendously positive. One of the strongest examples is of a client who has signed us up for an indefinite period of time and has also committed to making a sizeable investment in the firm
  • Marketing: We have successfully deployed various marketing efforts, including brochures, website and this blog. We are increasing our presence at related conferences, and have been selected to present at a Consumer Insights conference in India shortly
  • Talent Acquisition: We have ramped up our hiring efforts, have created relationships with key recruiters in the analytical domain, and have developed online tests, case studies, and behavioral questions that will allow us to cherry pick the very best talent
  • Fund Raising: We have received strong interest from angel investors, and have clear line of sight to raising funding for our needs. We will be finalizing these details before the end of 2010

In summary, it has been a great ride so far! We look forward to continuing to add compelling value for our clients as we scale up our operations.

Best regards,
Founder & CEO