The Indus Advantage

Indus Insights is the chosen analytics partner for numerous organizations across the globe.

Here are the top reasons why they have selected us:

World-class Talent

The amount of data available to organizations has exploded in size in the recent years. At the same time, the supply of practitioners who can make sense of this data is limited. Not surprisingly, organizations face significant challenges in hiring, training, and retaining Data Scientists. In fact, talent shortage is one of the most common obstacles faced by organizations in their march towards adopting Data Analytics systematically.

We help organizations overcome these issues. By partnering with us, our clients get access to world-class Data Scientists. We have a rigorous hiring process that consists of going to only the top educational institutes in the world, and then hand-picking individuals who successfully demonstrate superior analytical, problem solving, and business understanding skills. Employees then go through rigorous training in advanced analytics, led by internal management team & visiting faculty members from globally recognized institutes. The result of all of this is that every Indus Insights employee can simultaneously deliver on the three core skills expected from a Data Scientist: Big Data management, Applied Statistics, and Business Management. What this means for our clients is that they can stop worrying about Hadoop, NoSQL, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, or other such intricacies, and start focusing on their business. Another key benefit here is the scalability that we offer – clients can easily expand or contract the size of the Indus team dedicated to them, without long term implications.

Deep Functional Expertise

We have expertise in using analytics to attack pain points in consumer finance, e-commerce, and related businesses. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we have developed proprietary approaches & tools to attack business problems through a Data Analytics angle. This functional expertise allows us to hit the ground running from Day 1 of our engagement with a client. This approach compares extremely favorably against the traditional consulting model, in which clients end up incurring expenses in training the consultant team. Additionally, given our sector experience, we understand the underlying business needs of our clients and are thus able to work as a fully-functional team, without significant time commitments from our clients. Our clients think of Indus Insights team members not just as “analysts”, but rather “business managers” with the right analytical skills.

Results, Not Reports

We have a maniacal focus on delivering tangible value for our clients. We use cutting-edge tools that allow for quick data discovery & pattern identification. We invest the time in understanding the constraints that our clients work with – both from a business and a technical standpoint. We work with our clients to prioritize their key opportunities. Our results-oriented DNA ensures that we work closely with them in translating our insights into real, bottom-line results. We often work with our clients in setting up tests to measure the actual impact of our recommendations, and have seen improvements that have varied between 30% and 200%, within 2-3 months of getting started on an engagement. Our clients routinely see an ROI of 20x or more on their investment in partnering with us.