Analytics to keep love life fresh and fun!

Posted by admin updated on 21 Sep, 2011

Analytics takes a foray into the relationships management domain with a newly launched niche social network – The Ice Break. This online service helps users track, analyze, and enjoy their romantic relationships. Co-founded and seed-funded by YouTube’s first UI Designer, Christina Brodbeck; and former head...

Big Brother and Big Data

Posted by admin updated on 13 Sep, 2011

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that US government intelligence agencies are putting big money into social media and big data analytics in order to track people’s online behavior. Not surprisingly, the federal government is interested in low-cost methods for tracking people’s every move on the Internet. The...

Analytics to help save Zebras

Posted by admin updated on 01 Aug, 2011

In an intriguing use of analytics, Marwell Wildlife, an international conservation charity and zoo in the UK, has added predictive analytics software as the latest tool in its 15-year effort to protect the Grévy’s zebra, an endangered species. Marwell Wildlife is using predictive analytics to...

Analytics to predict longevity

Posted by admin updated on 23 Jul, 2011

Life insurance companies have found a new use for the vast dossiers of data: predicting people’s longevity. Insurers have long used blood and urine tests to assess people’s health. In a remarkable use of consumer marketing data, insurers are now exploring whether online shopping details,...

First Look: The second annual New Intelligent Enterprise survey

Posted by admin updated on 04 Jul, 2011

MIT Sloan Management Review conducted a large scale global survey of 4,000 executives, managers and analysts from a wide range of industries. The theme of this 27 question survey was Analytics, with a somewhat broader scope. Nina Kruschwitz, MIT Sloan Management Review’s managing editor and...

InsighterCom – Newsletter from Indus Insights

Posted by admin updated on 25 Jun, 2011

Greetings! Welcome to the very first edition of InsighterCom. Through this periodic newsletter, we will share with you how analytics can add value to businesses, with a special focus on digital businesses (e-commerce, phone commerce) and direct-to-consumer strategies (digital marketing, loyalty programs, etc.) We will...

… and we’re back!

Posted by admin updated on 01 Jun, 2011

It’s been a while since you heard anything from Indus Insights. Let me revive this blog with a Sherman Lagoon Cartoon on Web Analytics. Watch this blog to keep abreast of the innovative uses of analytics! Cheers, Indus Insights  

Message from the CEO

Posted by admin updated on 23 Nov, 2010

Greetings! Today is the first anniversary of Indus Insights. It has been exactly a year since Indus Insights was incorporated, and about 9 months since we kicked off our sales efforts. Over the course of this short time, we have cleared the first milestone of...

Pipal Research acquired for $13M

Posted by admin updated on 26 Sep, 2010

Credit Rating and Information Services of India Ltd (CRISIL), the Indian affiliate of Standard & Poor’s, has acquired Chicago-headquartered knowledge process outsourcing company Pipal Research for $12.75 million (Rs. 58 Cr). Pipal is majority owned by BPO services major Firstsource Solutions, which picked up a...

IBM to acquire data warehousing and analytics firm Netezza

Posted by admin updated on 21 Sep, 2010

On an acquisition spree, IBM announced Monday that Netezza, a data warehousing and analytics company, will be the latest addition to its basket for $1.7 billion cash. The deal values Netezza at $27 per share, 9.8% premium on Friday’s closing price. Netezza will expand IBM’s...